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A choice of cnr. café seed loaf, rye, sourdough, French loaf, white or gluten free (add R8). Served toasted or not.
Big BreakfastR110
Two eggs of your choice, beef sausage, grilled tomato, potato fritter, streaky bacon & your choice of toast
Small BreakfastR64
One egg of your choice, grilled tomato, streaky bacon & your choice of toast
Toasted Bacon & Egg SarmieR96
Your choice of toast, lettuce, tomato, streaky bacon & two eggs of your choice
Haloumi BreakfastR110
Two slices of toasted seed loaf slathered with hummus, and topped with grilled haloumi, roasted peppers, mushrooms & chopped chives
Gourmet Anchovy ToastR85
Toasted seed loaf with anchovy fillets broken down with chilli, lemon, parsley & black pepper
Kugel SpecialR138
Two slices of toasted seed loaf with lettuce, tomato, smoked salmon, chunky cottage cheese & avocado
French toastR82
Two slices of French toast with streaky bacon & maple syrup
Hollandaise Breakfast
Two slices of toasted seed loaf with basil, baby spinach, two poached eggs, roasted cocktail tomatoes & hollandaise sauce
with salmonR145
with prosciutto or baconR115
Crispy PotatoR82
Triple cooked potatoes pan finished with red onion & ginger, topped with teriyaki bacon, two poached eggs & a tomato watercress salsa
Breakfast BowlR88
Blended frozen blueberries, granola, fruit, yoghurt, chia seeds & coconut sugar
Corn FritterR92
Corn fritter slathered with feta, creamed avocado, streaky bacon, rocket, roasted cocktail tomatoes & a fried egg
egg and humusR100
Two poached eggs, fresh tomato, rocket, avocado, hummus & grilled haloumi
Spicy MinceR98
Beef mince with red onion, pickled chilli, Napoletana sauce, Parmesan cheese & basil pesto, topped with feta drizzle, a poached egg, marinated tomatoes & sunflower shoots
cnr. café OatsR72
Oats heated in almond milk with cinnamon, star anise, dried cranberries & toasted coconut
Scrambled Egg & HarissaR88
Three scrambled eggs with harissa bacon & crème fraîche


A choice of cnr. café seed loaf, rye, sourdough, French loaf, white or gluten free (add R8). Served toasted or not.
Maple syrup & black pepper glazed haloumi, avocado, fresh tomato, rocket, sour onions & hummusR105
Double crunch chicken breast with tomato, rocket, hummus, avocado, feta drizzle & a chipotle, maple syrup & soy dressingR125
Prosciutto, brie, black pepper, tomato & rocketR130
Bacon, avocado, mayo, fresh tomato & lettuceR115
Mozzarella, oven-dried tomato, rocket & salsa verdeR77
Grilled vegetables, Danish feta, lettuce & tomatoR88
Pastrami, hummus, gherkin, lettuce & tomatoR108


Harissa Roasted ButternutR118
With crispy spiced chickpeas, crisp lettuce, baby spinach, beetroot, tomato, cucumber & spring onions. Served with a blue cheese & crème fraîche vinaigrette
Smoked SalmonR152
With crisp lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato & soy roasted seeds. Served with a horseradish, chive & yoghurt dressing
Sundried Tomato Chicken SaladR140
Sun-dried tomato pesto rubbed chicken, crisp lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, cocktail tomatoes, roasted vegetables, basil pesto, olive pesto & wholegrain mustard vinaigrette
Caesar SaladR128
With Cos lettuce, ciabatta croutons, anchovy fillets, hard/soft boiled egg, shavings of Grana Padano & Caesar dressing
Green SaladR120
With crisp lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, toasted pumpkin seeds, avocado, rocket, shavings of Grana Padano & Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Truck Driver’s SaladR135
With Cos lettuce, sugar-snap peas, triple cooked potatoes, 200g beef patty, mayo, crisp streaky bacon & Caesar dressing
Haloumi & Chorizo SaladR145
Celery, apple & cucumber with maple syrup & crème fraîche vinaigrette


All signature dishes come with the following side options:

Tempura zucchini sticks with lemon mayo (add R22) •Cauliflower rice with pumpkin seeds •Sweet potato chips •Roasted vegetables (add R16) •Shoelace fries •Salad •Half chips/half salad or vegetables (add R10)
200g beef burger served on a bun with Batavia lettuce, hummus, balsamic onion & tomato relish
Bacon BurgerR128
200g beef burger on a bun with rocket, garlic aioli & streaky bacon
Rump ’n RollR138
180g rump served on a bun with Dijon mustard, parsley, lemon & garlic butter and a chilli dipping sauce
Chicken PregoR118
Sun-dried tomato pesto rubbed chicken breast served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, Dijon mustard, and a parsley, lemon & garlic butter
Beef FilletR220
A 200g beef fillet served with a burnt butter & sage cream sauce, melanzane, and a tomato & watercress salsa
Parmesan ChickenR155
Parmesan encrusted chicken breasts served with fresh basil, tomato & basil pesto
Harissa Chicken (no side included)R165
Chicken rubbed with harissa served on cauliflower risotto with prosciutto, mushroom, zucchini, marinated tomatoes & salsa verde
Hot DogR98
German frankfurter on French loaf with Dijon mustard, garlic aioli, balsamic onions & tomato relish
Cooked with white wine, chorizo, lime leaf, roasted cocktail tomatoes, red onion, garlic & cream
Beer-battered Norwegian salmon with sauce Tartare
Sweet Soy SalmonR240
Soy-glazed Norwegian salmon, roasted on a wood fire and topped with shaved cucumber & pickled ginger


Pasta options: cnr. café homemade fettuccine, zucchini or sweet potato pasta.

All pastas served with one of our small salads & a slice of fresh sourdough bread.
Small salad options are •Teriyaki mushroom & pickled cucumber •Thyme, tomato & red onion with feta drizzle •Roasted beetroot, cucumber, pumpkin seed, red onion & micro greens
Prawn & ChorizoR225
Prawn, chorizo, lime leaf, red onion, roasted cocktail tomato, garlic, chilli, white wine & cream
Napoletana & Vegetables108
Plain yogurt, roasted vegetables & basil pesto
Bacon & AvocadoR128
Pasta with crispy bacon, cocktail tomatoes, basil pesto & avocado
Pulled SalmonR225
Sweet-soy salmon, charred, pulled, and then tossed through your choice of pasta with cayenne pepper, Maldon salt, sage & a squeeze of lime (recommended with sweet potato pasta)
Sage & ArtichokeR125
Sage, chilli, artichoke, roasted cocktail tomato, lemon & parsley
Chicken & ProsciuttoR145
With burnt butter & sage cream sauce, prosciutto & mushrooms
Egg Fried RumpR145
Soy-marinated rump and fried egg with your choice of pasta (recommended with zucchini pasta)


All our pizzas are wood fired.

For Banting base add R22 •For wheat-free add R19
with rosemary, Maldon salt & olive oil
Focaccia Olive PestoR88
with feta drizzle, parsley & lemon oil
Focaccia Springbok CarpaccioR118
with fresh tomato, crème fraîche & dill
Potato PizzaR106
with mozzarella, potato, rosemary, green olives & shavings of Grana Padano (no tomato base)
Pesto-Rubbed Haloumi Pizza R130
with chorizo, tomato base, half portion of mozzarella & onions caramelized in apple juice
Cream-Dipped Buffalo Milk Mozzarella Pizza R160
with tomato base, prosciutto & shredded zucchini
Salami Pizza R120
with tomato base, mozzarella & fresh oregano
Chicken Pizza R124
with tomato base, mozzarella, roasted cocktail tomatoes, fresh coriander & chilli
Butternut Pizza R118
with basil, blue cheese, tomato base, mozzarella, fresh basil & caramelized onions
Prosciutto Pizza R155
with tomato base, artichokes, rocket, shavings of Grana Padano & balsamic reduction (no mozzarella)


Buddha BowlR128
With ginger-glazed edamame beans dusted with sesame seeds, oven-dried tomatoes, fresh pear, sunflower shoots, hummus & sweet potato chips
Chickpea Buddha BowlR128
Curried chickpeas with mustard seeds, apricot jam, sage-fried butternut, Shiitake mushrooms, avocado & sour onions
Italian Inspired Buddha BowlR148
Basil, red onion & tomato salsa with sage, fried artichokes, buffalo milk mozzarella, grilled zucchini, avocado, capers & toasted sourdough
Curried Udon BrothR118
With baby spinach & Shimeji mushrooms and a tomato, onion & coriander salsa
Steamed AubergineR109
Marinated in a Japanese maple syrup dressing with rice noodles, edamame beans, mint, coriander & lime zest
Buffalo Milk MozzarellaR145
With capers, Chiu Chow chilli, coriander, Caesar dressing & toasted sourdough
Egg-fried Black RiceR130
With sizzled ginger, spring onions, edamame beans, sesame seeds & hummus dressing. Served with crispy butternut fries


cnr. café Baked Cheese CakeR45
Ginger & Cranberry Carrot CakeR50
Russian KissesR55
Served with cream or ice cream
Chocolate Cheese ComboR55
Lemon MeringueR50
cnr. café Chocolate BrownieR45
Served with cream or ice cream
cnr. café Creme BrûléeR45
plain or raspberry


health smoothies

Frozen banana, raw cacao powder, dates, almond milk, chia seeds & almond butterR68
Sugar-free peanut butter, Horlicks, frozen banana & one juiced appleR50
Tumeric, frozen banana, one juiced apple & almond milkR55

fresh juices

Carrot, Pineapple & GingerR45
Apple, Beetroot & CarrotR45
Tumeric, Pear, Celery, Lime & SpinachR45
Apple, Cucumber & MintR45
Apple, Celery, Ginger, Lemon & SpinachR45
Ginger Shot (25ml)R25


Dairy alternatives Soy or almond milk (add R5) • For decaf add (R2) • For double shot (add R4)
Nutella CappuccinoR32
Cortado CappuccinoR22
Dirty ChaiR35
Cafe LatteR28
Chai LatteR28
Red CappuccinoR28
Red EspressoR19
Bullet Proof CoffeeR38
Tumeric based golden almond milk – served hotR45
Cacao & almond milk served hot with star anise, cinnamon & raw honeyR50
Hot ChocolateR30
Teas (Five Roses & Rooibos)R15
Toni Glass CollectionR29
(ask your waiter for available flavours)


Coke, Tab, Fanta etc.R24
Toni Glass Ice Teas:
Kiwi, Cucumber & MintR32
Berry BaobabR32
Lemongrass, coconut & gingerR25
Lemon Balm Jujube (sugar-free)R34
Sweet Apple GooseberryR34
Freshly squeezed juice (ask your waiter for available flavours)R35
Appletizer & GrapetizerR29
Vivreau 500ml (Sparkling or Still)R19
Vivreau 750ml (Sparkling or Still)R30
*kindly note that we re-use our Vivreau Water Bottles to limit our carbon footprint. Bottles can be purchased at R80 each including purified water
Shakes & Freezos
Vanilla or Chocolate ShakeR38
Coffee FreezoR38
Chai FreezoR38

beer & cider

Devil’s Peak Draught 330mlR32
Devil’s Peak Draught 500mlR44
Non Premium BeersR28
Premium BeersR30
Savana Dry or LightR36
Hunters DryR30
Agar’s Brewery (440ml Bottle) Local Hand Crafted Beer
Jozi BlondeR56
White Dog SaisonR56
American Pale AleR56
Red AleR56
Wild Berry Ale (330ml)R49